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"Science is supposedly the method by which we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. In computer science, we all are standing on each others' feet."     ? G. Popek.

CSI-NIT JAMSHEDPUR students? branch is a relatively new society that was started on April 01,2011 under the guidance of with the permission and consent of and . It comprises of many members and undertakes in-depth discussion encompassing a wide range of topics. It conducts several activities such as conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, training programs, quiz, project competitions, etc. CSI NIT Jamshedpur, in the past, has organised an annual techno management fest of department of Computer Science and Engineering, CRYPTEX?09 to generate IT awareness in the region.

It primarily works to bridge the gap between technology and the academia by conducting such activities.

The mission of the CSI is to facilitate research, knowledge sharing, learning and career enhancement for all categories of IT professionals, while simultaneously inspiring and nurturing new entrants into the industry and helping them to integrate into the IT community.